Bio-Fogging Solutions_____

Pathogenic microbes such as viruses, fungi, and harmful bacteria are the main cause of airborne or direct contact diseases in animals and humans. Studies show that applying disinfectants and biocides via aerosol or fogging significantly reduces the number of viable infectious pathogens in enclosed areas.

Outdated methods of biofogging rely on dangerous chemicals that not only kill pathogens but also can kill plants, animals, and even people. Chemical fogging also corrodes materials such as plastic, fabric, and metal, destroying them gradually over time.

By contrast, Bio-Safe biocidal fogging uses oxygen and water to safely and effectively kill airborne and surface pathogens such as viruses and bacteria without harming people, animals, plants, or materials. Bio-Safe biocidal fogging is available in two forms: cold fogging and thermal fogging.


Types of Fogging_____


The methods involved in the bio-fogging process have been available for many years. Issues in the past with cold fogging were based on the dangerous chemicals involved. Chemicals which not only kill bacteria and viruses, but kill plants, animals and even people.

They have been unsuitable for their effects on the materials such as plastic, fabric and metal, by causing corrosion and destroying them over time. This has now changed through NEW biocidal technology which now enables cold fogging to be safe and effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi (mold), and even spores.

Cold Fogging

The process works by filling a room with a fine mist of 10 - 30 micron particles (1 micron = 1 millionth of a meter or 1 thousandth of a millimeter. 1mm = 1 thousandth of a meter). These particles being so small, remain in the air long enough to kill any airborne viral or bacterial contamination. As the particles settle onto all surfaces, even the ones never touched by conventional cleaning, the biocide continues to kill any surface contamination.

Thermal Fogging

Working on the same principal as cold fogging, thermal fogging has a similar effect as smoke. The room is filled with a biocidal dry fog (smoke). The thermal fog is a new technological method of delivering the biocide in a dry form, making it ideal for areas with electrical equipment such as computers in call centers and offices.

Targeting Pathogens_____


Pathogenic microbes such as virus, fungi and pathogenic bacteria are the main cause of airborne or direct contact diseases affecting animals and humans. Studies show the application of disinfectants and biocides via aerosol or fogging significantly reduce the number of viable infectious pathogens. Foggers produce micro droplets that float in the air for around 10 minutes after application, reaching the most inaccessible parts where conventional cleaning or spraying can’t reach.

Pathogenic Bacteria

E-coli Pathogenic bacteria contribute to many illnesses and infections whether food borne, water borne or air borne. These include diseases such as E-coli, MRSA, C. difficile, Campylobacter, Legionella and Salmonella. Unhygienic food preparation, water storage and air conditioning systems can harvest as well as spread these diseases. Bacteria such as MRSA and C. difficile are especially troublesome in hospitals, prisons and nursing homes, where patients with open wounds, and weakened immune systems are at greater risk of infection.

Effectiveness Matters_____



· Neutralizes over 300 molds, viruses, bacteria, and allergens.

· Produces an extremely clean and microbial free environment.

· Goes beyond inadequate standard health quality practices.

· Requires no rinse or wipe down.

· Penetrates hard to reach areas leaving nowhere for microbial to hide.

· Will not damage or harm delicate materials or surfaces.

· Prevents the spread of outbreaks, pandemics, and epidemics.



It all started with the synergies used to create military-strength disinfecting products, which were then adopted for the commercial markets.

The result are a powerful and safe formula purposed for the highest level disinfection, sanitation and decontamination in residential, commercial and industrial use.



· The "Gold Standard" for environmental hygiene programs.

· Eliminates > 7 log reduction of all bacteria including E.Coli and MRSA in just minutes and has been independently tested to be effective against Norovirus.

· Non-toxic, biodegradable Bio-Oxygen and leaves no chemical residual.

· Non-Corrosive, No VOC's & Environmentally Safe.

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